tyrocoll golden retrievers

Welcome to Tyrocoll, former breeders of pedigree Golden Retrievers in Bedfordshire.

My name is Anne Fletcher and I am lucky enough to share my life with four Golden Retrievers. 

I hope you enjoy learning about the history of Tyrocoll and the fascinating journey I have been on, from supplying dogs for the film industry to running training schools and breeding.

Please note - as of September 2020, I have retired from breeding.

Pedigree golen retrievers bedford

Pedigree Dogs

I am extremely proud to have owned and bred loving and loyal Golden Retrievers with fantastic pedigrees and temperaments.


Decades of Experience

Years of training and breeding dogs has got me to where I am today and introduced me to show champions from around the world.

Golden retriever hip scores

Hip, Elbow and Eye status

All our retrievers have their hip and elbow scores checked, with eye checks also being carried out annually.


the tyrocoll story

As a child, I always loved dogs, but was born into a non-doggy family and had to wait 16 years to get my first puppy, Flash.

Flash was the start of my journey which began with supplying dogs for the TV and film industry.


This eventually led me to the world of training and breeding with show champions from around the world, before retiring in 2020.


the tyrocoll family

I am now retired from breeding, but am privileged to still have four Golden Retrievers who I would like to introduce to you.

Marnie can only be described as the perfect pet, while Lucy loves nothing more than resting her head on your knee. Reeva adores children and loves being stroked, then there is Azza, our latest bundle of joy who has a very sweet nature and boundless enthusiasm.


tyrocoll sweet harmony

d.o.b: 28/01/14


tyrocoll puppies

Both Lucy and Reeva have given birth to healthy litters in 2020, with each having a mixture of boys and girls, both light and dark.

Please note: as of September 2020 I am now retired from breeding and will not be having any more litters.


tyrocoll photos

Who doesn't love photos of Golden Retriever puppies?

I hope you enjoy browsing these photos from the three most recent litters of Marnie, Lucy and Reeva. 

Tyrocoll Lady Luna
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Sleeping beauty
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Aren't I adorable?
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Puppy feeding time
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Adorable golden retriever puppy
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Tyrocoll puppies
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The Tyrocoll family
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Puppy playtime
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Watch out... incoming!
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Cute Tyrocoll puppies
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Adorable golden retriever puppy
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Last but not least, we couldn't forget about the grown-ups!

Tyrocoll Golden Retrievers grow up to be loyal, kind and loving. Oh, and they happen to have the most gorgeous smiles, too.

Willow in the flowers
Boano on the beach
Herbie in the plants
Tyrocoll wedding
Tyrocoll snow day
Tyrocoll playtime
Golden retrievers love Christmas
Can you see me?
A golden Christmas
The trendy Tyrocoll
Tyrocoll Teenager
Wink wink
Festive Golden retriever
Tyrocoll swim time
Tyrocoll walking