the tyrocoll family

Welcome to the family. It is my pleasure to introduce you to my four Tyrocoll Golden Retrievers.

I have had a fantastic life training and breeding dogs and consider myself extremely lucky to have shared my life with so many that have brought joy and happiness to me, every single day.


Marnie (tyrocoll sweet harmony)

Fact:   Marnie is the oldest and the house clown, always making us laugh.

dob: 28/01/14

hip score: 7 : 4

elbow score: 0

eye status: Certified clear

Marnie puts her whole heart into everything that she does and her three favourite things are giving kisses, going for walks and food.

Actually, even more than that, she loved being a mum. However, for Marnie, puppies are now a memory as she has retired from breeding,


lucy (tyrocoll luscious lucy)

Fact:   All Lucy wants to do is rest her beautiful head on your knee.

dob: 17/08/14

hip score: 6 : 4

elbow score: 0

eye status: Certified clear

on 13/01/20 including the new test for Gonioscopy

Although Lucy and Marnie have the same father (Show Champion Ritzilyn Doctor Pepper), they couldn't be more different. Lucy is more golden than Marnie and is so laid back.

She has the funniest party trick and can actually smile, which is a hereditary trait passed on by her father and in turn, given to some of her children.


reeva (tyrocoll racy revelations)

Fact:   Reeva loves to be stroked and the love of her life is being around children.

dob: 19/09/15

hip score: 3 : 7

elbow score: 0

eye status: Certified clear

on 13/01/20 including the new test for Gonioscopy

Reeva is very golden in colour, which she gets from her father, Show Champion St.Vincent Royal Mint. 

She is a daughter of Marnie, from whom she also inherits a cream gene. Reeva also loves being a mum and rears the most wonderful puppies. 


azza (tyrocoll next gen)

Fact:   Azza is our latest and last bundle of joy

dob: 14/04/19

Azza is also a daughter of Marnie and is quite the blonde bombshell.

Her love is life - every single aspect of life as she is still a youngster and yet to calm down.

She is so like Marnie with her boundless enthusiasm coupled with a very sweet nature. Her father is Italian Show Champion Olvinglay To The Moon and Back.