the tyrocoll story

the beginning

"As a child, I always loved dogs, but was born into a non-doggy family".

I used to collect all the neighbourhood strays and take them home, only for my parents to put them out the back door and return them to their rightful owners! I had to wait sixteen years for my first puppy, Flash, who was a collie cross that I bought from a market with my very first pay packet.


the obedience bug

"I would go home on the bus in my lunchtime, just to train Flash"

When a police dog handler decided to open a dog training school, Flash and I were among his first clients. After a year or so, Flash was good enough to enter an obedience competition - he didn't get a place, but I was bitten by the obedience bug. Realising that Flash wasn't happy in a dog show environment, I bought another dog and called him Tyrone.

the dog show world

"Tyrone took me from beginner to championship Class C in just 18 months".

I had now realised how important a good start to life is and Tyrone was bred and reared by a first class breeder. Tyrone loved the dog show world and along the way, we took in working trials and collected a CDEx qualification. 


the london life

"As well as having brains, Tyrone was fabulous to look at."

I decided to move to London and explore the possibilities of breaking into TV, film and still photography with Tyrone. This was very successful and immediately Tyrone was in demand. Another life changing event happened in 1968 - I met my husband, whose parents were also non-doggy so full marks to him as fifty years later he shares my love for dogs!

We married in 1969 and bid London farewell as we wanted a house with a larger garden, we were then able to add to our family with two little humans and our second dog, Colleen.

the birth of tyrocoll

"Colleen was a striking young lady and we decided to mate her to Tyrone"

By now, I was being asked if I could supply different breeds of dogs for the film industry. I decided to open two dog training schools and as well as helping others train their dogs, I also had different breeds for the film world.

The next chapter in the Tyrocoll story is history, as they say. Tyrone and Colleen were both pure bred border collies and we kept Larne from the litter.


the golden revolution

"We decided to add Golden Retrievers to the collies and move to a larger house"

My first introduction to Golden Retrievers was in 1973, when Sarah, who is still my closest friend, arrived at my training school with Suzi.

By now, hip-scoring was being offered and Tyrocoll Gandalf Amy (our first golden) had a fantastic hip score of 0-1. We had always checked eyes and continue to do so. Of course, we kept a puppy from Amy and the Tyrocoll line continues to this day.

the present day

"I was determined that only excellent puppies would come from Tyrocoll"

With the addition of Golden Retrievers, I decided to enter the beauty show world where I met owners of wonderful dogs, who have graciously allowed me to use their stud dogs to continuously strive for quality puppies. The introduction of the pet passport has enabled greater diversity through careful selection of the best of foreign dogs.

As I had seen first-hand the results of poor breeding, I was determined that only excellent puppies would be produced from Tyrocoll. We continue to hip score and as soon as elbow scoring was offered, we welcomed this additional check. Eyes continue to be monitored on an annual basis.


As of September 2020, I am now retired from breeding.